Pool Rules:

  • The swimming pool rules must be adhered to. Kernow Hydro and The Track cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries that occur during the hire period.
  • Maximum of 8 people are allowed in the pool currently at one time, if the group is children a responsible adult MUST be present at poolside at ALL times.
  • We have a strict 1:1 policy of adult to child ratio under 4 and/or non swimmers.
  • Everyone should treat the pool with respect, clean up after themselves and take their rubbish away with them, including nappies.
  • No equipment is to be used unless prearranged with a Kernow Hydro Staff member, any damages to equipment will be charged.
  • Please ensure that children have used the toilet prior to entering the pool, anyone with additional needs or is incontinent must wear a protective layer*children under 4 years of age*** or anyone not toilet trained wear a double nappy system**. Failure to adhere to this rule could result in a £1000 + charge for closure and cancellation of classes while we empty and cleanse the pool if contamination from faecal matter occurs.
  • All hirers must complete the online customer registration and disclaimer form prior to using the pool.
  • Remove shoes prior to entering the pool area.
  • No diving in the pool.
  • No eating in poolside or in the changing rooms.
  • No Shampoo, conditioner or shower gels of any sort in the showers please. SLIP HAZARD
  • No Aerosols or Talcum Powder in the changing rooms. INHALATION HAZARD

* A protective layer could be a stoma bag cover, or a Neoprene swim short. This must be checked with reception to ensure efficacy.

** The Double Nappy System we insist on is a swim nappy – reusable or disposable, with a Neoprene Happy Nappy/Short over the top. This must be correctly fitting ie. the first layer not visible.

*** Those children under 4 years who are fully toilet trained can wear the Happy Nappy Short only, and are not required to wear the swim nappy beneath .

These are stipulations for our insurance and is NON-NEGOTIABLE.