We are extremely fortunate to share a site with The Track Portreath, where they run The Track Tribe Holiday Camps in the Summer.

A Track Tribe holiday camp is an active way to keep your children entertained & learning for a day or week during the School Holidays and Half Terms. Our camps run from 9am – 3pm daily, for Children aged 5-12 years of all sporting abilities and backgrounds. Over the course of the day your child will have the opportunity to make new friends, learn an array of biking/swimming agility skills and take part in sporting activities and team challenges. They will also learn surf safety, bike safety, basic first aid and bike maintenance depending on which sessions they attend over the week.

Prices from £40 per per child or less with weekly bookings & discounts.


Track Tribe Holiday Camp Breakdown

  1. What is a Track Tribe Holiday Camp?

A Track Tribe holiday camp is an active way to keep your children entertained and learning for a day or multiple days through out the week during the school holidays.

Our camps are:

  • For children aged 5 – 12
  • Designed for children of all sporting abilities and backgrounds

Over the course of the day your child will:

  • Have the opportunity to make new friends
  • Learn an array of biking, swimming and agility skills
  • Take part in sporting activities and compete in team challenges
  • Have the opportunity to take part in an array of activities from surf safety, bike maintenance and safety, basic first aid and water fitness, depending on which sessions they attend over the week and what they choose to do.
  1. When are the Track Tribe Holiday Camps?

Our camps run from Monday to Friday in the school holidays.

Please check the Class Manager for exact dates.

  1. How much is a Track Tribe Holiday Camp?

The cost of our camps are:

  • £40 per day or £175 for the week
  1. Do you offer discounts for Track Tribe Holiday Camps?

We certainly do!  Siblings booked on the same days receive a discount.

10% for second child, 20% for third child, 30% for fourth child.  Twins/Triplets/Quads 25% off. 

  1. What age & when can my child attend a Track Tribe holiday camp?

At The Track our holiday camps run throughout the school holidays. Our entertaining holiday camps are for boys and girls between the ages of 5-11. Children can attend for a day or a number of days, fitting around your existing work commitments and holidays. A typical day runs from 9 am – 3 pm, however extra time can also be booked from 3 – 4 or 5 pm) giving you added flexibility (at an extra cost of £10 per hour) this must be pre booked the week before. 

  1. Why Can’t my four year old attend a holiday camp?

Our holiday camps are Ofsted exempt (exemption 11) camps designed for boys and girls aged 5 – 11 years. We would have to be Ofsted-registered child care to accept 4 year olds, so for this reason we can only accept children who are 5 years or over.

  1. Why aren’t you an Ofsted Registered Holiday Camp?

As with all registrations, they require a lot of time and resources to obtain, and at this point it is not an economical use of our resources. We are a professional Sport Coaching facility, focused around bicycle and swim training. All staff hold qualifications for coaching as well as an enhanced DBS check, paediatric first aid training and undertake continual professional development training as a minimum requirement. Our venue and day-to-day running follow strict health and safety policy, staff training, risk assessments and running procedures. These requirements are checked and followed daily.

  1. How many children do you have at the Track Tribe camps and what is the ratio?

We will have a maximum of 20 children per day. 

We use the following supervision guidelines of children to instructors from Ofsted as a minimum:

For children under the age of six years the ratio is strictly 1:8.

For children aged 6 – 7 years the ratio is strictly 1:12.

For children aged 8+ years the ratio is 1:16.

  1. What can/will my child do at a Track Tribe holiday camp?

With out new purpose built undercover area we can have more focused activities for the children at Track Tribe.  At a Track Tribe holiday camp, your child could participate in a number of sporting activities as well as crafts, games, challenges, Ninja warrior, biking, swimming, baking, roasting marshmallows & making hot chocolate over the fire, team games, Nerf wars, ping pong, fuseball, basketball, boxing. . It can and does vary, as we like to get the children involved to make the choices on what they would like to do.

Our camps are designed for children of all ages and abilities TO HAVE FUN.

Our activities are designed to help develop your children’s speed, agility, team skills and overall personal development throughout the course of the day.


The Track site will be available for sole use of the Track Tribe from 12-1pm, during the day (depending on which day your child attends and weather permitting of course) they may do other riding sessions and you are welcome to stay, and they can ride for free from 3-4pm each day once we have handed them back over to you. We will have additional riding skills courses available throughout the holidays. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for more info.


We are very lucky to be the home of Kernow Hydro so we have access to the 8×4 meter UV hydro pool which is lovely and warm. We will have private use of the pool some days and will organise intensive swimming lessons. 

Sports/Inflatables/Obstacle Courses

Some of the days at our camps are inflatable/water days where children will have the opportunity to use some of the following: slides, bouncy castles, gladiator duel or an obstacle course, and a slip and slide. Other days we may utilise the custom built undercover area which houses our outdoor kitchen,  ping pong, boxing bag &  fuseball.  Fantastic fun, fitness training and agility.  

Forest School/Bushcraft

With out new Education Center as the sole use of Track Tribe for the summer holidays we are segregated from the general public.  We will be engaging the children in lots of bushcraft, foraging, outdoor cooking & crafts in between the swimming and riding ! 

  1. Does my child need to know how to swim/ride to attend?

No.  We have a team of experienced coaches who will support the needs of your child.

  1. Do you accept childcare vouchers?

No, unfortunately not at the moment, although this is something we’re looking into for the future.

  1. The Track is open to the public in the holidays how are you going to manage this and Child Safety?

Your children will be supervised at all times. We will have private riding and swimming sessions, as well as designated play and eating areas.

  1. Who are the coaches?

It all starts with our family. Steve and Fiona Tonkin head up our team of coaches and between them they have over 40 years of coaching experience.

We are lucky this year to have Dave Buckley heading up The Track Tribe. He is a STA Swim Coach , Forest School & level 6 sports teacher and a group of our Junior Coaches that are part of our Development Program.

Our team is not only qualified and experienced but most importantly they love working with children – they have so much enthusiasm for the job, it really is infectious! They are all part of the ‘Track Tribe’ and have a unique ability to engage with your children and inspire them. All of the coaches are enthusiastic, caring and all share a love of passing their sporting knowledge onto your child. Whether your child is just starting off on their sporting adventure or an accomplished young rider or swimmer our coaches possess the knowledge and adaptability to ensure your child is in an environment to not only improve but have oodles of fun while doing so.

  1. What does my child need to wear?

Our facility has indoor and outdoor activities and a pool, so please be prepared for all weather conditions and activities. Where the weather is particularly cold or wet, children will remain indoors. We advise your children to wear/bring:

  • Shorts/tracksuit bottoms
  • A t-shirt and long-sleeved shirt or jumper/jacket
  • Waterproofs
  • Suitable footwear such as trainers (closed-in toes are a must for track riding – no Crocs or flip flops)
  • Swimwear and a towel when attending days with pool activities if your child is swimming
  • If the weather is particularly hot, please ensure sun cream is applied before you arrive and a hat should be worn. Ideally, all-day sun protection should be applied so that there is less need to reapply during the course of the day.
  1. What does your child need to bring?
  • A bike (you can hire one if needed for an additional fee )
  • A named water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Appropriate clothing (don’t forget swimmers and towel) and shoes 
  • A change of clothes for obstacle course/water days
  • There is little need to bring extra entertainment – only essential items please.
  1. What snacks do I need to provide?

Your child will need:

  • a packed lunch
  • a snack for break time.

Drinking water is available to refill your child’s water bottle. There is a café onsite with lunch time deal for children. Please pre order with The Pedal & Plunge Cafe. 

  1. What time do I need to drop off and pick up my child?

If your child/children are not attending the extra time sessions, they can be dropped off at 9 am and collected at 3 pm. Please ask for a quote for extra time sessions if you require or late pickup. We will 

  1. Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

There will be a member of the Track Team in the Education Center, behind the basketball ring & resi ramp, to meet you and register your children, and hand them back at the end of the day.

Our address: The Track, New Portreath Road, Redruth TR164HN

  1. What do I do if I am running late?

Please call us and let us know on . We will need allocate a staff member to stay with your child to ensure their safety. You will be charged the cost and duration of the staff member @ £20.00/hour.

  1. What happens if it rains ?

We will run the Track Tribe Holiday Camp rain, hail or shine.  We have a large array of indoor activities and a movie screen in the barn to show movies if the weather gets really bad.

  1. What happens if your child is sick ?

If your child has been ill through the night or there has been an emergency and they cannot attend the booked Track Tribe Summer Camp session, the credit will be carried over on your child’s account to be used in the holidays 2024. It is not possible to provide any refunds. If a child is showing signs of being unwell whilst they are with the Track Tribe, staff will notify the parent/carer and ask them to collect their child. Staff at the club cannot administer any form of medication unless the parent/carer has filled in a medication consent form. These forms are available from the reception area.

  1. What happens if your child has an accident ?

Although every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of the children, accidents do happen. If your child has a minor injury whilst in our care, first aid will be carried out on site and an injury form will be filled in by the adult who dealt with the incident and you will be informed as soon as possible or on request of your child. If further medical attention is required we will contact the appropriate service first then inform you. Our staff are all trained in First Aid and a First Aid kit is kept on the premises.

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