The ONLY water birthing preparation course in Cornwall and 
The ONLY post natal water fitness class in Cornwall !!!

Aqua Natal – Pre Natal  

A wonderful relaxing class for Mums-to-be.  Immerse yourself in our private, warm waters and focus on gentle stretching, toning, breathing and birth preparation.

The first 4 weeks come along for an hour of aqua natal water fitness exercises & water birthing practice, with just the ladies.
The last week bring your partner along and we practice all we have learnt in the pool and a hour or so talk & birth plan prep. outside of the pool while sharing a meal and meeting other couples.
Spaces are limited, max 8 per course.

Classes are run in 5 week blocks & cost £50 

The next courses being run are 8/1 – 5/2 inclusive & 26/2 – 26/3 inclusive.

Aqua Natal – Partner Sessions

Our Partner sessions are now part of the 5 week course that is run.  If there are spaces available you may just come to this session.  Please email a request and we will let you know.  £20 for yourself and a partner.

Aqua Natal – Post Natal

A post natal exercise class for mums.  No need to get childcare, as you can bring your baby along and exercise in our warm waters.  This class has a focus on pelvic floor and gentle, post natal fitness.

Spaces are limited, max 8 per course.

Classes are run in 5 week blocks £50.
The first four weeks cover breathing techniques, posture, yoga, cardio vascular fitness, pelvic floor toning and meditation and visulisation techniques are practiced each week. The last week we invite partners to join us for a 2-3 hour session including and in water session , birth plan prep and group discussion and we share an evening meal together.

We ask that all ladies complete a medical questionnaire prior to starting an exercise programme with us.  This can be downloaded and printed off from here, thank you.


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Medical questionnaire download.