The ONLY water birthing preparation course in Cornwall and 
The ONLY post natal water fitness class in Cornwall !!!

Aqua Natal – Pre Natal  

A wonderful relaxing class for Mums-to-be.  Immerse yourself in our private, warm waters and focus on gentle stretching, toning, breathing and birth preparation.

The first 4 weeks come along for an hour of aqua natal water fitness exercises & water birthing practice, with just the ladies.
The last week bring your partner along and we practice all we have learnt in the pool and a hour or so talk & birth plan prep. outside of the pool while sharing a meal and meeting other couples.
Spaces are limited, max 8 per course.

Classes are run in 5 week blocks & cost £50 

The next courses being run are 15/1 – 12/2 inclusive & 26/2 – 26/3 inclusive.

Aqua Natal – Partner Sessions

Our Partner sessions are now part of the 5 week course that is run.  If there are spaces available you may just come to this session.  Please email a request and we will let you know.  £20 for yourself and a partner.

Aqua Natal – Post Natal

A post natal exercise class for mums.  No need to get childcare, as you can bring your baby along and exercise in our warm waters.  This class has a focus on pelvic floor and gentle, post natal fitness.

Spaces are limited, max 8 per course.

Classes are run in 5 week blocks £50.

We ask that all ladies complete a medical questionnaire prior to starting an exercise programme with us.  This can be downloaded and printed off from here, thank you.

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Medical questionnaire download.