Hydro Circuits – private stations are set up around the pool with a variety of equipment to enable a fully body workout.  Supervised by our retired Nurse Caroline, these classes are a wonderful gentle introduction to the world of hydrotherapy with the support of having a highly qualified instructor there to guide you. Plus the music gets you going ! 

Exercising in our warm waters is a great leveler, allowing those who need its support to exercise in safety and those who want to push against it to get an extra workout – win win!  Our classes are small and friendly, with energetic and motivating teachers.  Come along and give it a try!

£7.50 per 45 minute class when making a block booking (£10 for single sessions)

Use the online registration link to  click here to book make an Instructor Led Hydrotherapy Class reservation.  

Any problems email us at kernowhydro@gmail.com.

Please understand as a small business we have to cancel these classes if there are less than 3 booked on.  We endeavor to give you as much notice as possible.

See you here!