Hopefully this page will give you all the info you need – anything missing let us know and we’ll add it here.

We are abiding to all the current government Covid -19 guidelines. Your temperature will be checked before entering and if you have a fever you will not be allowed access. Please adhere to the current guidelines and distancing measures in place for the safety and sanity of all.  Facemasks are required to be worn in change rooms and poolside.

Q: Is it safe to come swimming?

There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of recreational waters. Follow safe swimming practices along with social distancing and everyday preventative actions to protect yourself. This information is from the CDC. 

Q: What are you doing to abide to  the Covid-19 guidelines?

We have renovated our change rooms , all surfaces are wipeable and non permeable and will be cleansed after every use.  There are stations in each change room to ensure each family has sufficient space.

Q: I didn’t do any lessons last term how can I get a credit?

We will automatically apply this to your invoice for the next term.

Q: What should I put on my baby to come swimming?

A: All children up to the age 4 years of age should wear a neoprene happy nappy.  We have these available to purchase at the pool for £10/£12.50.  Underneath this there should be a disposable or reusable swim nappy, until such time as they are toilet trained.  We always have as stock of the disposable ones in the toilet just to the side of reception.  Should you wish to purchase a reusable ones, we have ones that are one size fits all and are priced at £8 each.  The STA, by whom are classes are governed, state that the happy nappy is still required even when toilet trained, just to avoid the contamination of the water from any little accidents.

Q: Can I bring my child swimming when they have ……?

A: Sadly there are times that we have to say NO to you bringing your child swimming, to help maintain the health and wellbeing of all our other swimmers.  There are many instances that you may feel your child or even yourself are well enough to come to classes, but we ask that you do just take a moment to check completely, by firstly asking advice from your doctor, and then also checking the pool’s own policy on this.  We have a lot of young, sometimes premature babies swimming with us, as well as pregnant mums and older people who may not be fit enough to withstand certain illnesses.  We have created a spreadsheet of many of these conditions, in the hope that you will just check our guidelines on this and keep us informed when required.  Please click on this link to see the table.

Q: What is the Company Code I get asked for when signing up to the customer portal?


Q: What are the Term Dates for swimming lessons?

A: 04/01/21 – 16/04/21 Only open for those with Medical Needs.
Term 1: 17/04/21 – 23/07 Closed for mid term break 29/05-04/06 Inclusive
Term 2: 13/09/21 – 12/12/21 Closed for mid term break 25-31/10 Inclusive

Q: What is the Account info for BACS payments for swimming lessons?

A: Kernow Hydro Bank Details:  ACCOUNT NO. 18119040  

SORT CODE: 83-06-08   Please REF: Childs name and Class Day.

Q: What are the Swim lesson Term Fees?

A: This depends on what class and what age.  Check out the online registration or look in your email for an invoice.

Q: Can I pay by Direct Debit for swimming lessons?

A: We would prefer standing order.  This helps to spread the cost of your swimming lessons with a monthly payment and enjoy the benefits of Kernow Hydro Membership.

Q. Why are all sessions pre-book? Can I not just turn up and swim?

A. We are a small, private pool and we like to ensure everyone enjoys their time here, so we limit the numbers in the pool. Therefore we need everyone to pre-book so we know who to expect.

Q. Can I come and have a look at the pool?

A. Yes, but we ask you contact us first to arrange a visit. We do not allow people into the pool area while lessons and sessions are on, so please arrange a time to see the pool so you do not make a wasted trip.

Q: Can I have a taster session?

Q: Can both parents come in the pool for the lessons?

Yes and no.  Yes for 0-4mth New Baby Classes.  No for all other age groups.

Q: Do I need to change my child’s class each term as they get older?

No, every child in that class will also get older and the age range will change accordingly.

I will be adding to this list all the time – if you have a question email me here and if I get asked it enough times I’ll add it to the list :).