We have changed to the Class Manager system for all our booking and have an invoicing and Stripe payment system within this.  When you book for a course of lessons or sessions you will be sent an invoice.  Yo can pay be :

Cash for the full amount ONLY
We still accept cash as payment for swimming lessons. Please bring your payment to reception and place in one of the envelopes provided with your child’s full name, the amount included and your lesson day on it.

Stripe can be used via the app , online or at reception
This is the closest option to paying by BACS or standing order.
If you would like to pay monthly, click the logo on the invoice you have and select pay and click 1/3 of the amount.

Cheques can be processed.  Please make them out to Fiona Myers Trading As Kernow Hydro.

Late Payments, Cancelled or Declined Payments will incur a £15 administration charge.