We offer general swimming sessions during the week for those who would like a swim with their kids, a little exercise, or a relax in a warm pool.  Our pool is well suited to young babies and young children with their families.  Adults are always welcome to use our pool but we do not have Adult only sessions.

Currently we can only offer private sessions not general swim sessions the cost is £20 per half hour for medical needs, £25 for members £30 for non members (max 8).  You must share the one change room. You can however book two sessions back to back if you would like an hour and to have access to both change rooms.

The current max in the pool for a private session is 8.

Private hydrotherapy / swim sessions must be booked in advance by using our app. All sessions are 30 mins unless the state start and finish time, then they are 45 mins and £30 members £45 non.

Monday: 8:45, 13:45, 17:45

Tuesday: 14:45

Wednesday: 8:45

Thursday: 14:15

Friday: 15:00-15:45, 17:45

Saturday: 15:30, 16:00

Sunday: 14:30, 15:00

All children under the age of 4 are required to wear the double nappy system.  This is mandatory for our pool regardless of whether they are toilet trained.  See our What to wear page for more info.  We carry a stock of Happy Nappies and disposable/reusable swimming nappies at reception.

During these sessions you are welcome to use the pool noodles, but the use of jets or other pool equipment is not allowed. You will be charged if you use additional equipment.  All noodles used must be placed in the blue mesh bag at the end of the session for cleaning.

Please make yourselves aware of our Pool rules before you attend.