Any child under 4yrs, whether toilet trained or not must wear must wear a neoprene swim nappy / short. It keeps our pool safe and clean.

Those that are not toilet trained must also wear a second layer of a disposable swim nappy or our preferred reusable swim nappy for underneath the neoprene.

Those attending our pool must ensure all children have the correct double nappy system.

We have a HUGE stock . £10 for the nappies, £12.50 for the shorts or £15 for a full costume.

£10 for the Konfidence reusable swim nappy that goes under the neoprene these fit 3 – 30 months. If you need to purchase please bring CASH to your session, they are at reception. Thank you.

We charge £1000 cleaning fee if your child soils the pool water. This is part of the Terms and Conditions of pool use.

If you use a stoma bag you ned to make sure it is covered when using the pool to ensure no leakage. Here is a recommended cover

Older children & adults with additional needs that are not continent are required to wear neoprene shorts as well. We do have some larger sizes in stock and are happy to order if we dont have the size you need.