Basically we need to be vigilant with our cleaning (as always), manage our classes, changeovers and restrict numbers.  

We are conforming to the government guidelines regarding social distancing and wearing of facemasks indoors (but not in the pool).

The ‘normal’ entrance WILL NOT be used, please come to the side door opposite the reception desk to enter & exit the building. 

The viewing area /spectator platform is CLOSED. There are NO SPECTATORS allowed to stay in the pool area while classes are on.

The barn/cafe and play are inside is CLOSED. There are still chairs available in front of reception for you to sit and take your shoes off / put them on. 

Use of the Lounge area is for Breastfeeding mothers or support groups ONLY.

We are restricted to the amount of people we can have on site and need to manage the classes and sessions to meet the guidelines.  If we don’t we could be closed down.  Please help us keep our facility open for you by following the guidelines.

Reminders of what you can do to help:

1.  DO NOT come to Kernow Hydro if you have any symptoms of ANY contagious illness, or have been ill recently . Check out the contagious diseases link on the website for a list of common childhood lurgies & the NHS site for C-19 symptoms. 

2.  Adhere to the social distance guidelines when at Kernow Hydro.

3.  Adhere to hygiene & cleanliness guidelines when at Kernow Hydro, sanitize hands before entry, masks must be worn in change rooms and pool area, benches kept clear (all belongings are to be placed under benches after changing so we can clean between classes). Shower before the previous session ends and wait in the allocated places along the cupboards and leave room for others to pass.

4.  Ensure you place any equipment you use in the blue mesh bag on the platform or give to the teacher for cleaning at the end of your session.

5.  Do not touch anything under the spectators platform or stairs.

6. Come beach ready for all sessions . That means have your swimmers on ! Both change rooms are unisex for sessions at the moment. If you arrive outside your lesson time (you have 10 mins allocated either side ). YOU MAY BE REFUSED ENTRY.

* NEW FOR 2021: Squad parents will be greeted at the door to the pool and children will be take poolside by a staff member. A robed towel/dressing gown or onesie is best for quick wrap up. At the end of session they will be escorted by a staff members back to the door for collection.

7. Ensure you and your child have the correct attire. Parents coming into the water, costumes and swim shorts (not baggy board shorts !) only washed in plain water. Babies or incontinent pool users with double nappy system. Swim squads participants MUST have goggles and hats.

We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of all, please do what you can by following our guidelines.  

Our Covid-19 policy is Business Operation Policy Update COVID19 Our risk assessments are: Hydro Bubble Risk Assessment Hydro Disabled Private Sessions Risk Assessment Squads Risk Assessment, any questions please ask.  

Here is the latest from the CDC 

The UK government

The Swim Teachers Association