We have unisex change rooms at Kernow Hydro with huge changing benches in each room. We encourage everyone to come beach ready and take their used nappies with them .

There are two change rooms, one with a divider for those who would like some privacy and both have a cot with a cot top changer. Please check the cot top changer before you use it to ensure it is connected correctly and stable. If you move it please put it back .

We also have two toilet areas with change tables. If you would prefer total privacy you can use one of the toilet areas (in the cafe or the pool area). If using the cafe side toilet to get changed when wet please use a bath mat and/or mop the floor after use to ensure it is safe for use after you.

In addition to our regular cleaning of the changerooms and toilets. There is antiviral spray and blue roll in each change area feel free to use this to clean the area again before use.